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My favourite game is

Red Dead Redemption 2 because it has an awesome story and looks amazing. I also like the Assassin's Creed games, especially Black Flag.

My favourite place is...

I don't know! I haven't seen most of this beautiful world, but Scotland looks lovely.

My favourite colour is

cyan. Turquoise, cyan and light blue-green colours are beautiful.

My favourite author is...

I don't know! I don't read much, but I like a lot Michael Morpurgo's books.

My favourite book is

probably "The Martian" by Andy Weir. I also really like the "Red Rising" series by Pierce Brown.

I live in

the East Midlands in England.

My favourite food is...

I don't have a favourite.

I love science.

The universe is fascinating and finding answers to the many questions is satisfying.

I like making things.

I haven't done much, but making physical objects and woodworking is fun, and I enjoy making things with code too. I also like doing photography.

My favourite planet is

Earth (unsurprisingly). Although all of the planets are beautiful in their own way, Earth is different. Life fills the stunning landscape giving more colour.

My favourite animal is...

Birds are cool, lots of animals are cool. Dogs are the best pets though.

Last Modified: 11th May 2022